Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is Your Damage, Feather?!?

So...I love the new feather extensions that have flooded the scene over the past few months. But, in my opinion there are ways to wearing them. These accessories should be worn as extensions, I personally feel that their appeal is that they are a natural and earthy way to vamp up a look, but most importantly they should almost appear to be actual hair- they should BLEND. They look best when they suggest a pop of texture and color without being over the top:

HOWEVER, it is when the feather looks like, well, a huge-right-off-the-seagull-feather, it begins to border on tacky. I remember a day when rocking a single bold feather on one ear meant that you were going to meet your boyfriend Patty at the Lilith Fair for some good old fashioned cats-and-crafts pottery class (Ellen, can you hear me?). So to avoid this fate, or appear as if you are some sort of Native American mystic, lets keep this look on the subtle side, n'est pas?:
What NOT to do. Calling chief Little Dove!

Ill be back soon with fun new looks from my makeup/hair instructional course for Ballet Theatre Company's summer dance intensive! <3 Alex

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