Friday, May 25, 2012

New offensiveness...ANGEL EYES

SOOOOO..theres a new thing that is bothering me. And it happens to be the OPPOSITE of racoon eyes (racoon eyes results from the over application of black shadow and eyeliner around the ENTIRE periphery of the eye, think Avril Lavigne or Taylor Momsen , though Momsen pulls it off because she goes balls out with it-see below)

However, the opposite is a disturbing new phenomenon called Angel Eyes. This problem occurs when one OVER highlights the inner corner of their eyes. The trick of applying a small amount of white shimmer to the inner corner of the eyes as well as the under eye area has been around for a while, and is a great way to open up the eye and really brighten your appearance (Done correctly-see below).

But lately, people have gone WAAAAAAY overboard with their concealer and shimmer and have come up with their under eye area looking like a unicorn threw up a moonbeam under their eyes. PLEASE HOLD OFF, its very easy to overdo it, especially if you have naturally darker skin. My tip- if you go beyond halfway to the outer corner of your eye, you have gone too far. Keep it close to your tear ducts and blend into the rest of your shadow on your upper lid.

Angel eyes at their worst- as you can see the white coloring looks entirely unnatural, but God love Amy Childs for being Amy Childs.


After a long hiatus and a whole lotta fabulousness. I am back blogging about all things beautiful. Of course I'll be updating the look of my page, as well as writing to you about new products, new trends and any prevailing style abortions that may be upsetting me. Also above is me in Vogue Italia. YUP.