Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spur of the Moment Trip to Mohegan Sun Casino

So after I finished teaching dance class on Friday. I was made aware of the fact the the cast of the VERY makeup and hair-intesive show Jerseylicious was going to be signing autographs at Mohegan Sun Casino. So myself and my roomate Carolyn drove-dance gear on- straight to New London in hopes of catching a glimpse of the smokey-eyed cast. Ater catching a glimpse of the line however, we asked ourselves- "What would the Jerseylicious cast do?" and quickly concluded that waiting was passe and that drinks and shopping were in order instead. So following some tequila we came back to catch a converstaion with Gigi's (one of the members of the cast) mother- who was very nice ( we also learned she used to work for Chanel's makeup department) as well as chatting up one of the interns-Susan, who was working the event.  Susan, in fact, was rocking the feather-extension look the right way, as well as keeping us within the security bounds of the Jerseylicious stars.

After a while, and a trip to the bar-where we carried our drinks out, which is the true prupose of any casino- we headed back to the Jersey-ites. The line had come to an end, and we jumped in last minute and I grabbed some quick facetime to Olivia (aka the star of Jerseylicious)! We snapped a quick, albeit poor-quality picture and had enough time for Olivia  to complement my nails and to tell me I looked fabulous in my dance wear. Let this be a lesson to you: Dont waste time on celebrities waiting for tickets and autographs with the rest of the crowd! You have a better chance to win front row seats or run into them after an event at the back door of a nearby bar- at which point you can actually get serious face time with them. In the time you would have spent waiting you could go out and actually have a good time.

 Following this, we headed to Sephora. Obviously. While testing out products and trying to touch up, we came upon the Liquid Aqua Liner by Makeup For Ever. Which I must say packs a serious punch of color and solid lining technique which has been the look as recently as spring:

Meanwhile, I was approached by a rather inhebriated woman with two toddlers in tow. She informed me she was on the way to the Rihanna concert that night- she was clad in rocker-chich leather and jeans who asked me (even though I dont work at Sephora) to apply false lashes and fix her eye makeup. So I applied flared, winged tipped lashes- Sephora brand, cleaned up the liner and mascara she had on, and let it dry. . To finish the look, I then applied liner and new mascara, curled the lashes into the false ones and applied a pale wash of violet over the lids. Let it be known I did all this with sample brushes and makeup in the middle of a crowded store- now THATS resourceful.

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