Saturday, July 9, 2011


Using my friend dancer/actress Carolyn Paine's crazy textured hair as inspiration, I took it above and beyond by teasing it to perfection and creating this featherd updo nest perfect to be paired with a peacock inspired smokey eye.
To get this high-fashion inspired look :
1. French Braid  hair while wet or damp the night before to ensure beach-textured waves the next morning.
2. Separate braids and begin to back-comb in small sections over the entire head to acheive somewhat of a heavily-textured afro, ensuring that no hair forms visible peices or strands- the goal is to get it to look wooly.
3. Beginning at the nape of the neck twist hair, gradually gathering more into somewhat of a french twist.
4. At the crown of the head gather hair and begin to swirl in an unkempt counter-clockwise spiral, pinning sections to give a loose and wind-swept hold, giving the appearance of a nest.
5. Tease out any remaining strands of hair and bangs and sweep back into the rest of the hair. Finish with Hairspray ( I use Got-2-Be Glued Freeze Spray).
Be advised: This hairstyle begs the use of hair accessories, feathers, vintage syle fascinators, etc. To give it a Victorian high-fashion flair!

Peacock Inspired Make-up:
-Apply an eye-makeup primer (Primer Potion by Urban Decay) over the entire lid.
-Sweep a pale green matte shadow over the entire lid up to the crease to the outer corner
-Apply a cobalt blue shadow (I reccomend "Plumage" by MAC Cosmetics) over the center lid
 - Cut the crease with a bright purple shadow, winging it out at the corner.
-Highling the inner corner and browbone using a light green shadow with a lot of sparkle!
-Finish with marcara and a blue eyeliner pencil

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