Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midtown International Theater Festival+ Fun Stuff

HELLO! I'm back with news of my latest hair, makeup, and gay-lebrity experiences! This past Tuesday I was the hair and makeup artist to the cast of Mistress Ilsa- one of the plays of the Midtown International Theater Festival. . To make a long story short- the play was about dominatrices. AWESOME. So I got to work on the lead- makeing hair that would look sharp, unforgiving and edge-y:

Essentially I parted the hair, taking a sharp line that followed the edge of the eyebrow to the back of the head to the crown. I then straightened it, making sure the ends looked unfinished and a little bit fried, to give the look a harsh feeling. I then pulled all the hair off to one side and secure with bobby pins. The other half of the hair I teased and tossed over to the side, covering one of the actresses eyes to add a bit of mystery and edge. Makeup was a basic smokey eye using silver on the lid, accented with white shimmer on the brow bone and winged out black on the outer corner. Finished with a liquid eyeliner wing and deep burgundy lips all that was left was the face: basic foundation and finishing powder and blended with white eyeshadow to give a goth-y sun-deprived appearance.

The other actresses were simple to do in terms of makeup. Kept the eyes dramatic, lips gloss-free (to avoid hair stickage) and blush heavy to avoid stage wash-out.

Carolyn aka The Snake:
Hair was curled over the entire head using two curling irons with differently-sized barrels. The front section of hair was teased into a bouffant and pulled back to meet the back section of hair pulled up in a french twist. Curls were allowed to flow over the top and spill over for some high-styling hair thats ready for the world's most elegant dungeon.

Renee Cole:

Miss Cole, America's premier Lady Gaga Impersonator, was styled simply... until I decided to give her a hair bow after the show over two-for-one Martinis uptown...

This of course followed the premier party of a music video I performed in, for artist Brian Kent, directed and shot by celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz. The filming of the video AND the release party were all featured in episodes of The A-List New York on Logo. LOOK FOR ME! The party of course was a smattering of gay-list visibles including a red carpet, TV cameras, and photographers abounding. Rubbing elbows with Logo celebrities (including Rodiney and Mike Ruiz of the A-List, and Pandora Boxx of Rupaul's Drag Race: Cycle 2) set the tone for an amazing post-makeup and hair filled evening- with myself getting to bed at 6 am...

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