Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'll Get Him Hot, Show Him What I Got... THE GAGA HAIR BOW

If you need to know any one thing about me, it is that I worship Lady Gaga. Call me a stereotype but she is nothing short of a goddess to me. Her musical talents have reopened the door for those with REAL talent in the music industry, and moreover her signature style has re-incorporated shock-rock-glam-pop fashion into the mainstream. One of her signature looks of course is her classic bow, seemingly made out of human hair. Though hers is most likely synthetic, with a little finesse and practice, you too can achieve this look!
The One- The Only
Little Monsters be warned:: There are, not surprisingly, strict rules to rocking this look to any Gaga event- and must be followed closely, lest the fanatics tear you apart with their paws. Stipulations (which I found on a website many months ago, its location currently escapes me) are:
                          1. The bow must be one complete piece of your own hair- no extensions.
                          2. The bow must span the width of your head.
                          3. The bow must be off-center to the midline of the head.
                          4. No visible pins or clips should be utilized
                          5. The bow should be at least 3 inches tall depending on the thickness of your hair- and must stand up straight (not lie flat) atop the head.
My fellow dancer Karis Oasan, who I styled before our spring dance concert
 To Get the Look:
1. Separate hair into half-up, half-down sections, making sure the upper section has more hair, leaving enough in the lower half to span the width of the neck. Secure upper section with a hair tie ensuring the ponytail created is slightly loose (So that the ponytail can be flipped forward).
2. Split ponytail into two sections, this will create the two "ribbons". Alternately tease then smooth the middle of each section to ensure tat the sides of the bow will stand taller than the middle.
3. Bend the sections to meet the hair tie, creating a loop:

                     Pin to secure at the midsection (where the hair is teased) and at the base of the ponytail.
4. Repeat with the other section. Once the basic shape has been created tease the edges of the loop with a pick- this will create more height.
5. Take a third section of hair from the lower half and wrap around the midsection of the bow to finish the look. Secure with bobby pins. Finish with hair.
6. If there are any gaps, or if you are having trouble finishing the look, follow this link. Trust me, this style takes a bit of finesse and practice but  makes a huge statement when done correctly!

My loverly sister Triona on her way to The Monster Ball Tour-- style was completed herself with the instructions you see here

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  1. Hunty, she mopped the hair bow from the one and only Amanda Lepore! Amanda actually taught her how to make it!