Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BACK AGAIN! this post: things that aren't pretty (Boys I'm coming for you)

Hello there, Darlings. I'm back again, and I promise I have some wonderful, stylish things for you!But this first post is the catalyst for my return. Living as a gay in NYC, I have come across a very disturbing hair trend among my people. And though I know its origin, whats sad is that it wont go away. I speak of course, about this shit:

I dont know what to call it per se, but someone needs to bring awareness to whatever this mess is.The hairstyle, like where most trends the gays cling to in this world, started on the runways (As opposed to the other locations where gay trends start: dance studios, drag clubs, and Karl Lagerfelds boy-harem dungeon). I'm assuming some stylist was going for some sort of bouffant/faux hawk and got a little "clipper happy" and ended up not tapering the sides of the head properly, which resulted in a very harsh line between the long and short aspects of hair down the midline of the head. This hairstyle has ravaged the streets of the West Village and beyond, and I'm starting to long for the days when boys kept their hair a little bit more conservatively. I'm seriously tired of people, my homo-peers, finding this acceptable. In fact, actually know a twink that actually let his grow out so long that he secures in a pompadour with bobbypins! (FREAKING BOBBYPINS!). Now, an important message from me which applies to all things in the world of beauty:::: JUST BECAUSE IT LOOKS GOOD ON A MODEL DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL LOOK GOOD ON YOU. 

 Models make it look more acceptable, but still it looks like half a haircut.

There, I said it. Models can get away with a lot in terms of the clothing and hairstyles they sport. But for those of us who have shorter frames, higher bodyfat percentages, and less-chiseled faces who aren't the currently featured in the campaigns of Viktor and Rolf or MAC Cosmetics, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Dress for your bodytype and get haircuts that frame YOUR face. So boys and girls, if you are contemplating your next haircut, lets keep things a little more classic shall we?

Bottom line for this post, I would like to see the gays of New York in less of this:


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